North Suburban Home Learners

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire!" -Yeats

About Us

"Education is more fun when the world is your classroom!"
  -K. Bené

North Suburban Home Learners is comprised of a diverse group of members from the North Shore area of Massachusetts. Our members' children range from newborn to late teens, and each family individualizes their children’s homeschool education using a wide variety of philosophies and methods. Whether purchasing or devising one’s own curricula, each family strives to create a unique, hands-on learning experience. NSHL does not endorse any particular philosophy, curriculum, method or materials. We do, however, offer a variety of social opportunities and educational resources to enhance your family's homeschool experience.


Parties & Fairs

Not Back To School Beach Day

Halloween Party 

Valentine’s Party

History Fair

Science Fair

Music and Arts Fair

Field Days and Games Days


Support Meetings

These are usually offered in the evening and are a time for us home educators to get together and "talk shop" and/or just have fun with movie nights, scavenger hunts, dinners, bowling, etc. Periodically we have a more focused discussion, depending on what our members would like to have and organize.


And More

Enrichment opportunities continually unfold by our members who organize to fill a need or interest. So far this year, members have enjoyed Apple Picking, a Welcome Back Picnic, Edgerton center class opportunities, discounted group theatre tickets, the start up of the weekly soccer league and much more.  There are many wonderful opportunities to share time and experiences together. Everyone is encouraged to become involved as we rely on group efforts and volunteerism to keep things exciting and fun for all. 

"Our options for social opportunities are limited only by your imagination and effort!"